At NBCAB, we specialize in PE coating on paper and packaging solutions, ranging from industrial packaging to food packaging.

We have a long experience of manufacturing materials for the packaging industry. Our customers operate in a variety of areas, ranging from the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry. Each industry sets its unique demands on our solutions and together we create the right conditions.

By combining the right material with the right coating we can create just the conditions that our customers are asking for. The primary purpose of our work is, of course, to make materials intended to protect the contents of the package, and at the same time extend its lifespan.

We also take note of the fact that packaging is the first contact the end users have with the product. By combining shape and print with the right material, the customer can simply reinforce their message and thereby become more competitive on the market. We have an in-line printing system which we can easily connect to the extrusion process. With extensive experience in printing technique on different types of material, we have refined our printing cycles at NBCAB.

In this segment we work with the following materials among other:

  • Plastics (LDPE, PP, HDPE, bio-plastics) (either see-through or pigmented)
  • Non-woven
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum

By combining these base materials, via extrusion or lamination we can offer the market new and innovative solutions that best match its packaging needs.

We believe that more and more customers increase their demands on tomorrow’s packaging. Today we see a strong trend regarding the use of BIO-Polymers and our goal is to provide the market with the right product at the right price. Today we use both renewable and bio-degradable polymers in the process and we are actively working to develop these materials further, both in terms of cost and their barrier properties.

At NBCAB, we always take the environment into concern…

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