Find your way through our product segments

We are experts in extrusion on all paper, plastic and non-woven materials. When you, as a customer, choose to team up with us on NBC, you primarily do it because we have the best knowledge about PE extrusion. Our flexible approach, reliability and professionalism, in combination, allow us to be the obvious choice of partner in our industry.

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To clarify the types of materials we work with;

  • Paper: kraft paper, carton board, coated and uncoated fine papers, LWC, MWC, SC, newsprint, etc.
  • Non-woven: spunbond, wet-laid, spun-lace, needlepunched etc.
  • Polymer: LDPE, HDPE, Surlyn, bio polymers etc.
  • Others: Aluminum foil etc.

For us it is important to not only work with today’s extruding techniques but to lead the development of these forward. Today, when environmental issues are high on most corporate agendas, it is important to be able to offer an environmentally friendly alternative. Innovation, research and development leads to new interesting solutions which combine functionality with improved environmental performance. At NBC, we have chosen to take a step further, namely to focus on environmentally-friendly polymers. We believe that we, as consumers of plastics based on fossil fuels, have an obligation to reduce this usage. Within all our product segments we can offer sealing polymers based on bio plastics.

Our strength is in our flexibility, and with this comes a certain reluctance to solely concentrate on finished products. This gives a wide range but also requires orderliness. To help give you the right service and support we have divided our operations into four different segments: Industry, Contract manufacturing, Agriculture and food, and finally Packaging. Some of the segments are closely related to each other and if you feel unsure about to which segment your business belongs, you are very welcome to get in touch with us. Each of our segments has a dedicated contact person. It is you as a customer, which together with us, put the template for your finished products.

We have developed a product segment map that helps you when you want to immerse yourself in our activity:


Manufactoring industry

We belive that you work within heavy industry, paper mill industry, motor vehicle industry, wood-processing industry or with a steelwork company.

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Customer coating

We believe that you as a customer need help with changing possible properties of your materials or with the further development of your materials.

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Agriculture and food

For you that work with food stuff and agriculture, whereas hygiene, shelf-life and application handiness is essential.

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For the discerning client, who not only want to offer a good protection solution, but also is interested in strengthening its market position.

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