The environment

With knowledge comes responsibility, both for the environment and society – today and tomorrow. Working with technical papers and plastics is an extra responsibility. That is why we thoroughly let all the plastic that is not being used be recycled. We all play our parts in the effort of building a sustainable society and we see it as an obvious fact that businesses face up to their responsibilities of protecting the environment.

NBCAB will – within a reasonable economic framework — through the means of new technologies, new working methods and a well-thought-out environmental work — protect the environment and promote a sustainable society by:

  • Constantly look for new types of renewable and compostable polymers to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Plastics based on non-fossil fuels are the future and we’ll work hard to increase the percentage of the revenue which derives from these types of polymers.
  • Produce and market goods, services, and features which are gentle on people and the environment, with a focus on low total environmental impact
  • Promote effective resource and energy conservation
  • Work to develop distribution and transport systems which involve a low environmental load
  • Promote a holistic view and a life-cycle responsibility, by encouraging greater re-use, recycling and energy recovery of our products while reducing waste and the quantities of landfill
  • Actively work with prevention and control of accidents
  • Continuously assess the environmental impact of operations
  • Inform, educate and engage employees in environmental issues, in order to make everyone aware of their personal responsibility.
  • Be open and accurate in our information on environmental issues
  • Work to minimize disruption affecting our neighbourhood with regard to noise pollution and odour
  • Maintain compliance with environmental laws, requirements and recommendations