Color Me Green – a palette of possibilities

With knowledge comes responsibility, both for the environment and society – today and tomorrow. Working with technical papers and plastics is an extra responsibility. Helping to minimize global warming is now a must for any and every company. We are all involved in building a sustainable society and see it as obvious that businesses face up to their responsibilities of protecting the environment.

Since 2007 and with great success, we have been involved in the development of green barriers. We think that there is an obligation as big consumers of plastics based on fossil fuel to reduce its usage. Through this work, we have developed our “Colour Me Green” series, a solution designed for customers who want to work with climate friendly alternatives to conventional plastics.

In addition to standard polymers (based on fossil fuel), today we use both renewable as well as bio-degradable  bio-polymers in our processes and we are actively working to enhance these, both considering costs and in terms of their barrier properties.


Plastics based on non-fossil fuels are the future and we’ll work hard to increase the percentage of the revenue which derives from these types of polymers. The short-term goal is that 10% of or revenues will come from sales of our “Colour Me Green” products and we aim to eventually increase this figure to 30%. Today, we see a strong trend regarding the use of bio-polymers and our goal is to provide the market with the right product at the right price.

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Our Colour Me Green series is developed and designed for the convenience of our customers in the selection of a green alternative to conventional plastics. How green you want to go is entirely up to you as a customer.

In addition to the standard polymers, as a customer you can now choose between:

  • Renewable polymers
  • Biodegradable polymers
  • Renewable and biodegradable polymers

The renewable option further consists of three different variants that are all more or less renewable; together they form our Novus series.


If the customer would like to go climate friendly all the way, we offer a plastic that is both renewable and biodegradable. By combining the use of compostable plastic with a renewable option gives a more or less entirely environmentally friendly solution, a suite of products called Retro.

The Color Me Green scale
This scale is created for the convenience of our customers in choosing between our biopolymers. The choice is critical when it comes to the environmental label the customer wants to attach to their products.  The higher the percentage on the Colour Me Green scale, the more environmentally conscious end-product will be.


Would you like help in choosing among our solutions or alternatively carry out a trial run, please feel free to contact us!